Filthy Fellas x Umbro

Umbro is proud to announce the much-anticipated collaboration with the dynamic and vibrant Filthy Fellas crew. This unique partnership has birthed a limited-edition jersey that captures the essence of Filthy Fellas, blending style, innovation, and the unmistakable passion of the beautiful game.

The Filthy Fellas jersey is a striking combination of green and white, adorned with a distinctive black and pink trim. The design pays homage to the Filthy Fellas crest, seamlessly incorporating the iconic FF into the kit's aesthetic. This limited-edition jersey represents more than just a piece of clothing; it's an embodiment of the passion, culture, and individuality that Filthy Fellas brings to football.

To celebrate the launch of this extraordinary collaboration, Filthy Fellas brought their infectious energy to the podcast world. In an exclusive episode, Filthy Fellas sat down with AFCB players Neto, Alex Scott, and Max Aarons, creating an unforgettable fusion of football banter and style. The Filthy Fellas guys can be seen proudly donning the new jersey, showcasing its unique design and emphasising the camaraderie between the beautiful game and fashion.

Check out the Filter Fellas' youtube channel HERE and shop the jersey HERE