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Inspired by the heritage, passion and flair of rugby, YMC is excited to announce the launch of this brand new, exclusive collection in collaboration with global sportswear brand Umbro. Fraser Moss, YMC creative director, has delved into his own upbringing and the zeal of rugby fans around the world to develop this 13 piece capsule collection. Inspired by Umbro founder Harold Humphreys' slogan, "look smart, play smart", this selection of jerseys, shorts, shirts, jackets and trousers combines high-quality, traditional fabrics with design touches, including mismatched stripes, aloha prints and a graphic letter badge.

Fraser Moss: As a child growing up in '70s Wales, there was no escaping the rugby furore, mainly because we were good at it - arguably the best. The passion still holds true today, if not the success. It's our national sport - a game for all people, not just the entitled. We live and breathe it to the point of obsession. And when our players translate this into an emotional fervour, we call it hwyl. There was only one choice of inspiration for me - the game played with the egg-shaped ball. Umbro, who has roots in this sport going back to 1924, has been an amazing inspiration for us and is the perfect collaborator.

I felt so privileged to shoot our Umbro YMC collaboration at the legendary London Welsh Rugby ground at Old Deer Park. They may not be a household name anymore, but back in the day they were famous due partly to a modern approach to coaching and a who's who of Welsh rugby legends. Not only were they the best rugby team in England in the late '60s and early '70s, they also had seven players represent the British Lions tour to New Zealand in 1971 - a record that remains to this day.

YMC was founded in London in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins. Since then, the label has established itself as one of the most enduring and influential independent brands to come out of the UK.

Taking its name from a quote by the famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy; “You must create your own design style”, YMC is a call to arms; one that influences the very essence of the brand’s identity.

Initially inspired by workwear and military clothing, the duo developed the unisex brand around the notion of creating understated and timeless garments. Today, YMC continues to subvert expectations while simultaneously capturing the cultural zeitgeist. Directional yet wearable, each collection is influenced by creative director Moss’s passion for music, literature and the arts, and his enduring post-punk, DIY attitude.

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